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Man says carjacker held gun to his neck, pulled trigger before taking car

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man faced a terrifying situation when he says a carjacker held a gun to his neck and pulled the trigger, just feet away from his family.

He's grateful his life was spared thanks to a jammed gun.

In broad daylight Saturday, a man and his wife stopped to get gas at the Q-Mart on South Mendenhall and Winchester. Their young children were with them.

After putting gas into his wife's car, he said he walked back to his white Honda Civic parked at pump 4 and saw a stranger in the front seat.

He says he tried to pry the stranger out of his car when he felt cold metal on his neck — the barrel of a gun — he then heard him pull the trigger.

"The first time he tried to kill him, but nothing go from the gun. Like it stuck," he said in Spanish.

He backed away.

"I don't care about the car. I care about him. I was there with my babies and everything," he said.

Police say they searched the area but couldn't find the carjacker or the Civic.

The gas station says they didn't have any video of the incident but apparently, a SkyCop camera may have caught something.

"I saw the man. When the police take him, I know who it is."

This family says those few moments replay in their head. They hope for justice and pray the car is found soon. It's the same car he uses to get to work, to provide for his family.


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