Memphis comedian recovering after shooting in Berclair area

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Friends are rallying to help a well known comedian recover after he was shot during what appears to be an attempted robbery in the Berclair area.

Ben Fredrick, known to many as his comedy stage name Benny Elbows,  was dropping someone off at their home off Fairmont in Berclair over the weekend, detectives said.

The two were sitting in Frederick's car when two men walked up and tapped on the driver's side window.  Fredrick took off, and one of the men shot at the car. The bullet made it into the vehicle, hitting Fredrick.

He was able to make it to a store and call police for help.

Fredrick’s longtime friend Jane Hayes described the comedian's healing process.

"[They] said the bullet was still lodged in his liver, and they were probably going to have to do another surgery," Hayes said.

A Gofundme page created for him says he helped lead Bartlett High to a state championship playing basketball and is a graduate of Union University, where he also played basketball.  Hayes says from what she can tell while in pain, his spirits are still high.

"I hear he's in pain every once in awhile, but at least he's going to make a full recovery from what it sounds like," she said.

Hayes said Fredrick is always the guy willing to lend a hand and keeping an eye out for others, but now she's reminding others to be extra cautious, too.

"You want a big guy to walk with you to the car, but it's really sad when the big guy gets shot, so where do you go after that?" Hayes said.

A police report said officers located two shell casings where the shooting took place, and the two men wanted are believed to be driving a dark SUV.

If you would like to help Frederick you can click here

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