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Friends remember tire shop owner allegedly killed by employee

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Longtime friends of a tire shop owner killed in his southwest Memphis business say the man responsible for his murder is one of his own employees.

Detectives say Kamel al Abes, owner of the tire shop on South Third where the shooting took place, and his employee Marcus Anderson were gunned down Thursday.

Ricky Hull

Rickey Hull sits in jail, facing first-degree murder charges for the gruesome shooting.

Al Abes was well known in his community.

"So sorry lose him. Just sorry to lose him," said Tahseen Hamade, who knew the father of four for more than 25 years. "One minute you're with someone and the next minute they're gone. You never know what happens from one second to the other one.

"You go in the morning, you kiss your kids goodbye and you hope that you see them in the afternoon, because you never know what happens."

Al Abes moved here decades ago from Iraq. In fact, we talked to him about that less than two months ago when there was a fire near his business.

He was from Baghdad and was one of the founders of an Islamic Center.

"He was a good-hearted person, down to earth person, he helps a lot of people, he helps the homeless and over here at the Islamic Center he was an active member," Hamade said. "Helped everybody, especially the kids."

Hamade says he has no idea why his friend was targeted, especially because he helped Hull out.

"He helped him buy a car, he helped pay his rent and this is what the end result is," Hamade said. "Instead of being appreciative it backfired on him."

Loved ones are now looking to their faith.

"I ask Allah to give his family and our members the patience after hearing that bad news and that devastating news."

Hull is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He does not have a bond.

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