Fred’s pharmacy closures include some in Mid-South

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Fred's Incorporated announced they are closing pharmacies in more than 100 stores, which includes some in Memphis, Mississippi and Arkansas.

One store included in Southaven on Goodman Road has letters posted directing pharmacy customers to pick their prescriptions up from a nearby Walgreens from now on, as the pharmacy has been closed since Nov. 26.

Cassie Scarn, a Memphis resident who works in Southaven, does not think Walgreen's service could top what she experienced with Fred's.

"I changed from Walgreens to Fred's and just been with them a short time," Scarn said. "They're easy, and I've never had any trouble with them. So it's just disappointing."

Brian Jackson said he already uses Walgreens' pharmacy, but he is concerned about what that means for prices of medication.

"I like competition because competition drives people to be accountable for the right prices.," Jackson said. "If Fred's is closing, what is the next one? And if pharmacies can drive their prices up with no competition, that does worry me."

WREG checked prices of Lisinopril, a high blood pressure medication, at local pharmacies. Without insurance and paying cash, a 10-milligram, 30-day supply of the medication costs $15 at Walgreens, $12.88 ($6.36 for members) at Costco and $12.49 (half-off with a store coupon) at CVS. No one at Fred's would quote a price over the phone.