Burglars target Berclair home twice in a week, taking guns

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Twice in one week, burglars targeted the same Berclair home and got away with thousands of dollars in items. This adds to the large number of crimes in that area recently.

David Evans said thieves got away with thousands of dollars worth of video game consoles and equipment the first time they broke in last week. Just days later, they hit again.

“It was really the second time where it comes in, where it felt a little bit more jarring because there were firearms taken, so that safety that had already been compromised is now even more vanished," Evans said.

Evans said the thieves took three of his roommate's guns during the break-in. He said the burglars unlatched a window on their first visit so they could get back in.

With the guns now in the hands of criminals, Evans hopes others will lock theirs up and keep records of the serial numbers.

In the past three months, there have been 107 burglaries, 37 robberies and 115 auto thefts reported in the Berclair area.

“This neighborhood is getting bad," resident Martha Manns said. "I’ve been here 60 years. They do it all year long, but mostly it seems they do it around Christmas time.”

Some neighbors say it’s made them more alert.

“I hear a lot of movement, so I try to pay attention to everything, turn the lights on, if I hear something, turn the lights on," Dolores Dicks, another resident, said.

Neighbors said they have seen more police patrolling the area lately but want to remind everyone to stay cautious.

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