Police looking for carjacker after he strikes in Coldwater, Mississippi

COLDWATER, Miss. — A woman is recovering after having a gun was pulled on her and her car stolen in broad daylight. And detectives say it happened in a place that takes many by surprise.

Coldwater is a small town in Tate County, Mississippi. Online the population is listed around 1,500 people.

Cary Embrey knows the place well. He's lived here his whole life and runs an insurance agency in town.

"Whole life, I'm 72 -years-old," he explained. Which is why he was stunned to hear of a carjacking in the town square outside of Fred's just before 10:30 Monday morning.

Coldwater Police released video of the man they're looking for. In the footage, he's dressed in all dark clothing and a hood. They say he took a woman's purse and 2003 grey Nissan Maxima.

"This is the first time I know of where a car has been stolen off the main square here in Coldwater," explained Embrey.

We asked the Coldwater police chief the last time he's heard of a carjacking. He said it's so uncommon for the area he can't even remember the last time there was one.

"It's scary, it's really scary to me it is," Shirley Johnson said.

Johnson, who owns the shop across the street, says she's close friends with the woman targeted.

She says the man initially attempted to speak to her friend outside the drugstore.

"Really I don't think she could understand quite what he was saying. So she cracked the window a little a bit, and he told me give me your keys and he put a gun to her head."

Embrey doesn't think the culprit is from around the area.

"People who saw this guy said they never have seen him before," said Embrey.

He's  just glad things didn't turn out worse.

"Just thankful that nobody got shot."

He said the crime is disheartening but pleased they hear of it so infrequently.

"Cause we know that no place is really safe now. Cause the way the world is and people just show up anywhere."

"Again police are looking for a 2003 Grey Nissan Maxima, Mississippi Tag number TAC 069

If you know anything call 662-622-7979.

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