Car break-ins increase near Cordova and East Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Holiday shoppers beware.

A Memphis Police Department crime tracker shows 90 car break-ins in East Memphis and Cordova since November 1st.  Most of them happened in shopping center parking lots.

 Anita Wilson isn't surprised thieves are hitting places where lots of  cars are parked everyday.  We caught up with her while she was shopping at the Target across from Wolfchase Galleria on Tuesday. 

"I think it's just easy access. You know, you can get in and out quickly probably," she said. 

She hides items that she leaves in the car. Navah Bat Yah does too.

 "I'm big on not leaving temptation. So I keep things away from the windows and stuff like that," Bat Yah said. 

She also thinks thieves are looking for easy money. "I think it's a quick buck if they are like hey, I see something, they might try." 

She figures some of them are probably just desperate. And, if so, she feels sorry for them.

"We never know what a person might be going through. We never know what they're circumstances might be to make them do something like that," Bat Yah said. "I can kind of get it. But I would be upset if somebody took my stuff, because we work hard, those of us who have things. You work hard for your things. So, you definitely wouldn't want somebody to take it."

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