Holly Springs police chief speaks after second officer is accused of misconduct

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. — Holly Springs Police Chief Dwight Harris sat down with WREG to clear the air.

He addressed allegations of police misconduct involving at least two police officers, including Michael Bingham. Bingham was fired for violating police, the other is still on the job even though we found out he's been banned from working as a police officer anywhere in Arkansas.

"You hear rumors all the time. This isn't the first rumor we've heard about any particular officer. That's the nature of the business, but we don't deal in rumors. We deal in facts," Chief Harris said.

He says the fact is that Officer Bingham no longer works for the Holly Springs Police Department.

He has been terminated.

Sources say Bingham broke protocol when he detained a 15-year-old girl.

Chief Harris wouldn't tell us anything specific about the encounter with a teenager. Nor would he confirm that incident.

He only said, "That was a personnel matter. The only thing I can tell you is that officer was relieved of duty because he violated policy."

Bingham wouldn't confirm the allegations either, but he's not the only one who has been accused of misconduct.

We did some digging and found another officer currently working in Holly Springs can't work as a police officer in the state of Arkansas because he's been de-certified.

Chief Harris told us his department checks out everyone. But it wasn't until after Roderick Brown got the job that talk about his past started.

"As an agency, we do background checks, criminal history checks and reference checks on every officer we hire," he said.

According to our sources, while Officer Brown was working in Forrest City, Arkansas he got into trouble a few times for misconduct and was eventually fired after he was recorded asking for sexual favors from a woman he took into custody.

"That officer you're referring to there's not criminal history," Chief Harris said. "His criminal history is clean. We can only go off facts, not rumors and allegations."

As far as allegations that things are being swept under the rug in Holly Springs, the chief says "We are very transparent. If there's something that comes across our desk to be investigated it will be investigated."

And quite frankly, he says he's fed up.

"We will not surrender to institutionalized ignorance," Chief Harris said.

He says the investigation into Bingham's misconduct is closed. And Brown remains employed by the department.

We've reached out to the city attorney but have yet to hear back.

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