MPD investigates disturbing Facebook page involving children

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Memphis Police Department is investigating a disturbing Facebook page that re-posts pictures of little girls along with sexual and graphic comments.

“Our complaints have definitely gone up over the years,” said Lt. James Taylor with the Sex Crimes bureau. “Every case we take seriously.”

Taylor’s team is now looking into a Facebook page.

The owner calls himself a pervert and says he’s from Memphis. He re-posts pictures of young girls. The captions are sexual and too graphic for WREG to show.

“Our main goal is to see if the post actually originated from Memphis,” said Taylor.

He said the first thing they do is alert Facebook, and then they backtrack to find the source.

While they do this, they also ask parents to be cautious.

“Monitor their children’s phones and monitor the Internet,” he said. “It’s a digital history. Anything you put on the internet or anything you post on a social media account, it’s there forever.”

Beryl Wight with the Memphis Child Advocacy Center reminds parents to also be careful about their posts.

“Predators can reach out to their child through social media, through the gaming world,” she said. “You don’t want to put information out there that can help a predator identify a kid.”

In the Facebook page MPD is investigating, some comments state the poster plans on finding the little girls.

Police said it’s important to go into the settings on your child’s electronic device and make sure the location is turned off for each of the apps your child uses.

“Say your child has the location on, if there is a sexual predator actively tracking somebody, they can find the exact whereabouts of your child,” said Taylor.

He recommends checking out Net Smartz 411 for more safety tips:

The Memphis CAC also offers a training program called Stewards of Children, which teaches parents or any adult around children how to recognize and react to sexual abuse especially on the internet.

For more information click here.

Facebook sent a response saying the account has been removed.

“We do not allow content that sexually exploits or endangers children. As such, the account has been removed for breaking our Community Standards,” the company said.

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