Military families welcome soldiers home in time for Thanksgiving

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ALEXANDRIA, La. — Spending the holidays apart is one of the many sacrifices military families make. This Thanksgiving, Fort Polk families are counting their blessings with the return of more than 100 soldiers from two units after a nine month deployment to Afghanistan.

“At first it was super scary and you didn’t know what to expect, but every day just more hope, more hope to get him home,” said Misti Cameron. “I missed that he was missing his son growing up and his first birthday.”

“I am so thankful that God saw fit to bring my brother back in time for the holidays. We sent care packages to make sure they felt a little bit of home while they were out there in Afghanistan,” added Shawndra McDonald.

Soldiers in 573rd Company, 46th Engineer Battalion provided route clearance for the Army’s new combat advisor brigade on their first-ever deployment.


“Obviously a company commander deploying his guys out to Afghanistan, you never want to leave anybody behind,” said CPT Mitchell McDonald. “That was my number one priority was to make sure I brought everybody back.”

“I’m thankful to be with my family and making it back home safe. It was rough but knowing this is what I get to come home to at the end of this deployment, makes it all worth it,” said SPC Dustin Cameron.

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