‘I used to be the nice guy’: Collierville man accused of forcing himself on date

Garrett Gambill

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Collierville man went on one date and ended up with another in front of a judge.

The woman told police she went to get ice cream with Garrett Gambill earlier this month. While they were in his car, he drove to a dark parking lot in the 800 block of South White Station and appears to have gone in for a kiss. She told him no, but the suspect forced her to kiss him anyway.

According to the victim, things continued to get worse. Gambill bit her lip until it bled, grabbed her breasts and forced his hand down the front of her pants. He also tried to pull her on top of him and take off her shirt, all while she continued to tell him to stop.

The victim said 40 minutes later he finally complied and drove her back to her car.

On the way she asked him if she treated all women this way and he replied, “I used to be the nice guy, now I’m the do****.”

Gambill was arrested and charged with sexual battery.

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