Friendsgiving: A twist on the traditional Thanksgiving meal

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NEW YORK — Chadwick Boyd is whipping up his favorite dishes for a pre-Thanksgiving meal with friends known as Friendsgiving.

“Friendsgiving is a time to come together at the table.”

Boyd is a food writer and lifestyle expert. He hosts a Friendsgiving every year and his recipe for success is guests bring a dish of their own.

“You have to give someone a job. Something to bring because it really is this cool modern potluck dinner.”

A survey from found one out of three people plan to attend or host a Friendsgiving this year.

The show “Friends” featured the idea of spending the holiday with friends back in 1994. But the term Friendsgiving didn’t start gaining traction until 2007 when a hashtag helped it take-off on social media.

“There has definitely been an increase in popularity with the younger generation.”’s Joey Skyladany says some people choose to celebrate with friends because they can’t get home for the holiday. Others choose friends over family.

“We don’t necessarily want to go home for the holidays. Planning a Friendsgiving is the next best thing. You get to surround yourself with people that you like and not crazy Aunt Mildred.”

For Boyd friends, food, and fun are the perfect ingredients for a Friendsgiving feast.

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