Owners of bulldog stolen from North Memphis yard say thieves tried to take him before

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A North Memphis family is missing their puppy after they say thieves snatched him right from their yard. Luckily for them, it was all caught on camera.

Linda Williams says her 9-month-old American Bulldog, Max, caught the attention of two men who she thinks lives in the area and spoke with her husband before.

'He said, 'I think they followed me home one day," Williams said.

Williams says her husband normally walks the dog down their street. But within the last two weeks, he was approached by two guys multiple times. They offered him money for the dog on separate occasions.

They even claimed the dog was theirs.

"He said they walked up and said, 'That's our dog. He wandered off.' He said, 'No. this is not your dog.' And he said, 'What's his name?' They would never tell him," Williams said.

Cameras surround the Williams' home.

When they looked at the security footage, they recognized the same two guys who tried to take Max weeks are the ones who have him now. \

"I just pray they don't fight him," Williams said.

That's the families biggest fear.

Williams says Max is a sweet dog they bought for their children. They raised him to be friendly. So they're worried and hoping the thieves don't harm him or purposefully put him around other dogs that will.

"My youngest one was like, 'Maybe they'll bring him back.' He said, 'They'll bring him back mom.' I was like, 'I hope so."

If you recognize the two men in the video, police are asking you to call Crime Stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.