Man accused of taking pictures up woman’s skirt in Cordova Target

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One shopper's horrific experience is keeping her away from stores all together.

The woman claims she caught a "peeping Tom" hiding in between a clothing rack that she was looking through at Target. Now she wants to warn other ladies as shopping season hits full swing.

Larry Nichols is accused of unlawful photographing in violation of privacy.

"I was in the lingerie department looking on their clearance rack," the victim said. "It's bothering me right now. It bothers me every time I have to think about the situation."

Another shopper spotted the man taking pictures that were aimed underneath the victim's dress.

"I heard the lady say, 'Ma'am. He's taking pictures under your dress," the victim said.

In fact, the only reason the woman agreed to talk to us is because she wants to warn other ladies about Nichols. Another woman came forward and said he did the same thing to her, but they couldn't prove it.

The victim we talked to told managers at Target on Germantown Parkway about the incident. She even waited for police to show up and stuck to her story.

"In my case, I forced them to call police to put it on the record," the victim said.

To back up her story, she asked Target to roll back its cameras.

"They said the camera in the store, they didn't have one to zoom in the area I was in," she said.

That only made her feel worse.

"He could have done anything to me if that lady didn't see him."

She can't help but think how things might have played out if the good Samaritan shopper didn't yell out when she saw Nichols trying to camouflage himself in with the lingerie between the racks below.

"She said, 'I thought y'all was together. He was that close to you.' He shouldn't be doing people like this," the victim said.

Nichols denied filming the woman once he was caught.

Police confiscated two phones but didn't find footage on either device.

Target released a statement saying that the store had cooperated with investigators when the incident happened.

"We have no tolerance for this behavior in our stores and take any allegations of this type of misconduct seriously," a Target spokesperson said.

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