Law enforcement descend on Arkansas city official’s home

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PARKIN, Ark. -- A Parkin councilwoman's home was the center of heavy law enforcment activity Wednesday morning, witnesses say.

Carolyn Slaughter, who also ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor, couldn't be reached for comment Thursday. But Darnell Smith said he saw lots of authorities at her home Wednesday.

"They had a whole bunch of trailers and stuff looking like they was confiscating something," Smith said. Another person said authorities removed vehicles from the property.

A state agency confirmed to WREG that it had assisted in the operation, but couldn't provide any additional information.

There's no indication Slaughter was necessarily the target of the operation.

According to the Arkansas Secretary of State's database, her address is also associated with a company called 6figga Entertainment, which is registered to one of Slaughter's relatives.

"I don't never see nobody. They don't act like they be arguing or nothing. They just be, you know, standing out in the yard," said a neighbor.

Slaughter isn't the first Parkin city official to face scrutiny.

In 2008, the city clerk was arrested for embezzlement.

In 2016, then-mayor Willie Patterson and two council members were arrested for contempt of court.

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