Gas station owners fed up after multiple break-ins

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Gas station operators at Exxon in Collierville say thieves are causing thousands of dollars in damage. But police say they thieves did all that damage just to take home 'only pennies.'

Surveillance video obtained by WREG shows two hooded thieves throw a rock through a glass door on Tuesday morning, jump over the counter, grab a safe and haul it away.

Hours later at the same place, it's business as usual.

"They're not walking away with anything important to be honest with you. But they're just damaging the property," one of the business operators said.

He says he's fed up because several of his Collierville stores have been burglarized in the last few months. All of the crimes involved hooded thieves breaking in the door, jumping over the counter and grabbing what they can get.

"They cause a lot of headache to us as far as repair and maintenance," he said.

The burglars usually only get away with a small amount of cash.

"We're fed up with this, and we're gonna put a stop to it," the operator said.

Store operators think they could be dealing with the same group of people that have been hitting spots for more than a year. And they say the crime they're committing is not worth 'the pennies' they're possibly reaping.

The store is asking you to contact law enforcement if you recognize anyone in the surveillance footage. They're offering their own $5,000 reward.

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