Madison Tower management says they’re working to fix issues after tenants complain

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Temperatures are getting closer to freezing and is not a good time to be without heat or hot water. But that's still the case for some tenants in Madison Towers.

Sadly, tenants have to find alternatives.

Some have booked a hotel room. Others who are choosing to stay in the building have to bundle up.

"I think they're treating us like we're the lost dogs," a tenant said.

It's been a full week since tenants in Madison Towers have not had heat or hot water.

"You think I'm finna go to work smelling like yesterday's funk? I'm not going to work. I can't even wash my clothes," tenant Anthony Richards said.

Furious tenants woke up Monday morning to a sign on their door after managers called for an emergency meeting.

But heat and water aren't the only issues. Tenant's stoves stopped working over the weekend. And by Monday morning, there was flooding in the laundry room and even water in some of their rooms.

"Some of the radiators have holes in them. When the radiators bust, if they bust in the room, if floods the room out," Jimmy Wilkerson, former maintenance at Madison Towers, said. "It's bad. They need someone to come in and inspect that whole building."

Wilerson says the issues in the building have been going on for years.

"I had to be there 24 hours because you have to constantly watch the building like a babysitter."

We spoke with management. They say they're working on the problems but they did not a time frame on when everything can be fixed.

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