Live at 9: Fountain of Love Salon, ‘Loosen the Bible Belt’ & purple pancakes

Make a Difference Monday

Michelle Johnson, the owner of Fountain of Love Salon in Mississippi, has been so inspired by the stories on WREG’s Pass It On segments that she and her co-workers have started working to make a difference in other people’s lives too.

Yoga routines for a stressful life

With midterms behind us and the holidays ahead, it’s no wonder that stress levels remain high. Yoga instructor Sarah Burns showed us a relaxation routine that is sure to help you relax.

‘Loosen the Bible Belt’

What happens when you put an evangelical minister and a lesbian comedian together in a van? An event for anyone who believes that love and laughter can change the world.

Comedian Kristen Becker joined on Live at 9.

Purple pancakes and pancreatic cancer awareness

World Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day is Thursday, but a local restaurant is teaming up with one charity to help spread awareness throughout the month with purple pancakes.

Lori Goldberg is with the Kosten Foundation and Chef Josh Steiner is with Strano by Chef Josh.