Family’s code word system thwarts attempted abduction of 10 year old

PHOENIX — A 10-year-old escaped what appears to have been an attempted abduction all thanks to a secret code word.

Like most parents, Brenda James told KNXV she worries about her children’s safety. Preparing for the worst, she and her husband began teaching their children several weeks ago what to do if a stranger ever approached them trying to get them to go somewhere.

One of the first steps: ask for the family’s secret code word.

If the stranger doesn’t know it, the children were told to run for help.

That system appears to have saved the couple’s 10-year-old daughter on Wednesday when their fears became reality. The girl was reportedly alone when a man approached her and stated that her brother had been injured. He told her that she needed to come with him.

Before going anywhere, the 10-year-old remembered what her family taught her.

“Thankfully asked for a code word and that’s when the driver took off,” said James.

Now police are searching for that suspect as this Arizona family shares their story with others.

“This one time, it saved my daughter’s life.”

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