Arkansas students spread message of kindness through dance

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Courtesy of THV11 via CNN Newsource

CABOT, Ark. — Over 400 Cabot elementary students are spreading the same message.

“Every student matters.”

They’re participating in the annual Worldwide Dance for Kindness at Panther Stadium, which was started as a way to promote unity among communities.

For one first grader, kindness can be as simple as giving a classmate a band-aid.

“If somebody falls on the ground, help ’em back up. If they get really hurt go tell a teacher or something,” said first grader Pipper Evans.

Pre-K teacher Becki Warren pushed for the school district to participate.

“It’s a worldwide event. I think there were 50 countries around the world dancing to the same song on the same day.”

It’s her way of honoring her son in a huge way.

“Ten years ago my husband and I lost our oldest son to suicide and this year coming on to the 10th anniversary we talked about doing something big.”

She said a single act of kindness may have made a difference in her son’s life so she hopes to share this message with others. And that message is already being received by these students.

“Being kind is helping others which is helping others feel good about themselves,” said first grader Eva Thompson.

They learned the dance as part of their PE class.

Warren remembers her son as someone who always helped others, and that’s why she says promoting kindness was the best way to honor him.

“Go downtown to the Ala Moana Beach Park and make sandwiches for the homeless and you know he was always giving random people rides for things. And you know, never asked for gas money.”

The students will be wearing their dance for kindness shirts again Tuesday for World Kindness Day.
Warren said she hopes this event grows in their district every year.

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