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Live at 9: WW1 Memorial, IV injection therapy & the next legislative session

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Tennessee lawmakers are getting back to work

Tennessee’s General Assembly won’t convene until January but that’s not stopping state lawmakers from getting to work.
So what’s ahead for the legislature? Republican Senator Brian Kelsey and Democratic Representative Antonio Parkinson joined us on Live at 9.

IV Injection Therapy: real deal or fraud?

IV injection therapies create a sort of cocktail that claim to help treat just about anything from multiple sclerosis to cancer. But is this a new path to wellness or a fraud. Randy Hutchinson with the Better Business Bureau stopped by to discuss.

Honoring those who served


November 11 is Veteran`s Day. This year it also marks the 100th anniversary of the Armistice which ended the hostilities during World War One. But did you know, there is no memorial to that war and those who fought in it in our nation’s capital? That, however, is changing.

Retired Colonel Gerald York joined us to talk about the World War One Memorial and how we can help honor the military members of that war.


Author Chat with Ellen Morris Prewitt

She’s an award winning author who uses humor and her life here in the South to tell her stories. Check out Ellen Morris Prewitt’s debut novel, “Tracking Happiness: A Southern Chicken Adventure.”

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