Woman forced to the ground at gunpoint and carjacked in Fox Meadows

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — It was a frightening moment for a mother of three who says a man held a gun to her head as she was forced to the ground and carjacked in Fox Meadows.

This happened in her garage on Knight Arnold a little over a week ago around 7 p.m.

“As I’m getting ready to get out the car, my motion sensor pops on in my garage – which means somebody just walked into the garage. And I looked to my left and there he was with a gun to my head.”

It happened in a blink of an eye.

“He just said, ‘Give me your car,” the victim said.

The man took off in her 2010 Mercedes Benz. Police say the thief had a semi-automatic hand gun.

“The guy actually made me lay on the ground inside the garage. He had the gun on me until he actually pulled out.”

But this wasn’t her first encounter with the man.

“I made a stop home from work and when I stopped at this particular store, I noticed it was a young man that was following me in the store.”

She believes that same man followed her home and that someone else was involved, because she noticed an unfamiliar gray car across the street from her house.

“I’m uncomfortable, again you know where I live so I had to get my locks changed, garage and everything changed out because he had the keys to my house.”

Nearly a week went by without a sign of her car until two days ago.

Police say the car was found on Swift Road in south Memphis about 20 minutes away from where from where it was stolen. The woman tells me she hasn’t gotten her car back yet. But she knows it has three flat tires and the fourth tire is missing.

“People just don’t care anymore when they want your stuff. They just take it like its theirs and you work hard for your stuff, and they just come take it.”

Police say the suspect turned himself in but no charges have been filed.

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