Early returns show voters rejecting three controversial Memphis ballot measures

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Early voting returns show voters rejecting three controversial ballot measures in Memphis.

The first measure, ordinance 5676, asks voters to extend term limits for city leaders to three four-year terms, although they already are limited to two terms. Additionally, the ballot measured was worded incorrectly and should not have appeared on ballots in its current form, the city’s attorney has said.

Sixty-four percent of early voters voted against the measure.

The second measure deals with repealing Instant Runoff Voting before it is put into place in some Memphis elections. Voters approved IRV in a 2008 referendum but it was never put into place. City Council added a measure to repeal it.

Sixty-six percent of early voters voted against repealing IRV, which would mean it could be used in future elections.

The last ballot measure would repeal runoff elections entirely.

Fifty-nine percent of early voters cast ballots against it.

A lawsuit has been filed against the city and the Shelby County Election Commission accusing three city referendums of confusing voters.


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