Marion Police warn residents about email scam threatening to release intimate videos of victims

MARION, Ark. — Police are warning residents in Marion, Arkansas about extortion emails.

In the emails, hackers say they’re a part of an international hacking group. They email goes on to read, “We’re aware of your little and big secrets. We saw and recorded your doing on porn websites.”

“It’s a real sad situation right there. Most people like me aren’t computer aware of what’s going on,” a resident said.

The email goes on to say that, “You have 48 hours from reading this email to send $800 or we will send your messages and the recorded videos of you on adult websites to all the contacts on your device.”

“Some people are so worried and get so panicky that they would potentially give out their information just to not be linked to that type of conduct. Even if they really didn’t participate in it,”

Marion Police say they’ve received several calls about the scam.

Captain Joe Baker, with the West Memphis Police Department, tells us if it’s happening in Marion then it’s probably happening in West Memphis. But they haven’t received any calls about it.

He says he has seen his fair share of scams though. And criminals always find new ways to target victims.

“We had one that came back out of a Georgia jail. It was actually the inmates who were running this. They were calling and soliciting people and the money people were giving to them was actually being put on the inmates books,” the captain said.

Marion, Arkansas resident Alfred Smith says he plans on staying more vigilant and will tells as many people has he knows about the scam.

“My suggestion is if you don’t know anything about it, refrain from doing it. Just ignore and keep right on going,” he said.

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