Residents complain about being fined for trash at East Memphis apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —The smell creeps up on you before you even see the pile followed by a trail of trash. Now residents are saying something has got to give as the Cherry Creek Apartments.

"It's sickening. It's a health code violation, and I know it is," a resident, who chooses to remain anonymous, said.

Once the dumpsters fill up, residents have no choice but to throw whatever they are tossing out on the ground. And the complex doesn't like that

Residents say management hates it so much that they've started charging residents an extra fee if they think it's their trash that was left outside of the dumpster.

The resident we talked to says he keeps getting hit with the bill, but he's not even leaving his trash out.

"They fined me $100. The other day I was parked behind the dumpster and I hit a trash bag. I didn't want to get fined, so I took someone else's trash and took it with me."

To stay off the radar, he's started loading his trash up and taking it to his girlfriend's job to get rid of it. Even though he's found a way to work around the mess, he wants it cleaned before a child gets hurt.

"There are a lot of kids out here. And I walked out one day and there was a broken dishwasher with three children on top of it playing."

We left messages with Kismet Reality, the owner of the complex. They haven't called us back.

In the meantime, residents say stacking trash on top of trash has to stop.

We also reached out to the city and are waiting to hear back.

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