Would-be carjackers scared away by 83-year-old woman

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Two elderly people were targeted by carjackers this week on the same street in Orange Mound, only days apart.

In the second incident Wednesday night on Hamilton Street, an 83-year-old would-be victim scared the criminals off by screaming and honking her horn.

Mattie Harvey, who’s lived in the same house since 1961, said she was pulling into her driveway after church, when she heard a knock on her car window.

It’s then she sees she’s surrounded by three young men with a gun pointed right at her.

“First thing I thought about, oh, they’re gonna shoot me in my face, but they said, seemed like they said all together, ‘Get out of the car,’” Harvey said.

What she did next took the crooks by surprise, and Harvey says, even surprised herself.

“I just start screaming as loud as I could and it seemed like that something within me said punch the horn,” she said.

It worked. The crooks ran away empty-handed, but Harvey was only the second elderly person targeted on Hamilton Street.

The night before, a 71-year-old man said he was approached by a man in his driveway who demanded his keys.

The victim told WREG he complied, and then two men drove off in his SUV.

Police spotted it hours later in southeast Memphis, where five or six men bailed out after a brief chase.

Were it not for her screams or honking, Harvey probably wouldn’t have her car today. But she said she doesn’t deserve the credit.

“It was God. It was God. It couldn’t have been nobody else but God,” she said.

Police haven’t yet found the suspects and neither victim had a detailed description of them.

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