West Memphis neighborhood dealing with string of car break-ins

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -— The Worthington neighborhood in West Memphis is on edge after 10 car break-ins in three weeks.

West Memphis police say the thieves are stealing small things that are carried easily or easily hidden. They also say the thieves are targeting cars with doors left unlocked.

"We can see them on the video camera going from house to house to house pulling door handles," Capt. Joe Baker said. "They're pulling the door handle. If it's locked they're just moving right on to the next vehicle."

Many people leave their car doors unlocked because they think if their car is going to get broken into, they'd rather the crook not have to smash the window to get in.

Police say that's a bad idea. You should lock your doors.

"It's a very simple way to thwart some of these guys just by locking the door," Baker said. "Breaking a car window makes a pretty good amount of noise. It also typically sets off your passive alarm on your car. So, you got lights, horns, things like that."

Jenny Burns lives in the Worthington neighborhood and locks the doors on her truck. She also doesn't leave valuables in there.

"Oh yeah, my truck is completely empty," Burns says, "I mean, if they want a blanket that belongs to my puppy dog go right ahead and get it."

Police have arrested several guys on unrelated charges but investigators think they may be responsible for some or all of the break-ins too.

"We have not been able to charge them with the particular thefts from the cars," Baker said.

Those arrests were made in recent days. Since then, there haven't been any break-ins. It appears police might have the right guys in custody.

Whoever the culprits are, Burns hopes they're brought to justice.

"I mean, all of us are out here trying to make ends meet enough as it is," she says.

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