Live at 9: Walter Bailey, Michael Blackson & healthy snacks in Memphis

Walter Bailey Interview

Recent events here in Memphis are sparking discussion amongst local politicians and law enforcement about a law established by Tennessee vs Garner from 1985. That law has to do with police using deadly force in certain situations.

Attorney Walter Bailey was one of the lead attorneys on the case.

The Healthy U 2 Snack Box

Tennessee has the 15th highest adult obesity rate in the nation and Wallet Hub has Memphis ranked at number four on a list of cities with the most obese population. Two women here in Memphis are working to make it possible for more people to have healthy eating options.

Tenesha Fleming and Tracy Tate are the minds behind the Healthy U 2 Snack Box.

Kemba Smith Pradia’s story

One woman is using her past to make sure that others do not end up in a situation that could land them in trouble. Kemba Smith Pradia is here with Tracey Branch to share her story.

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