Woman says she waited five hours for police after shots fired into home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Hickory Hill woman is still reeling from an overnight nightmare after bullets hit her home just feet from where her eight-year-old daughter sleeps.

But the bullet holes in her home are not the only reason she's on edge — she thinks 911 let her down.

Jacques Causey said she heard loud music, then about five or six gunshots around 2 in the morning Wednesday at her home on Pebble Beach.

"I immediately jumped out the bed and hit the floor. ... Grabbed my daughter out of her bed and we crawled into the hallway," she said.

The mother says she called 911, then waited 30 minutes. She called again, and she even called the police precinct up the street.

She says they told her it was a busy night.

"We stayed in the hallway all night, and still no one showed up," she said.

She screamed at the dispatcher but still got no results until around 8 Wednesday morning, when an officer finally pulled up.

It took officers more than 5 hours to show up after the shots were fired.

Now Causey wants to know the reason for that holdup.

It appears there was some sort of mix-up, because Causey claims a dispatcher explained to her that police were dispatched to home where residents refused to talk to them. But Causey says no one showed up to speak to her until around 8 that morning.

She says bullets don't have a name and her feelings about the delay won't fade.

"It was a scary moment I've never experienced anything like that in my entire life," she said.

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