Does It Work: The Tiger Wrench

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Jon Belleau, owner of Belleau Sky Home Repair, has tons of tools since they work on many different projects.

“We do things like rotted fascia, fence repair. We even assemble furniture for people if someone got something from IKEA.”

So when we showed him the Tiger Wrench, he was just as interested as we were to see if it lived up to the commercial hype.

First up, patio furniture.

The Tiger Wrench had a nice grip and Belleau liked how it could pivot. He said it was much easier to reach difficult places.

Next we moved to his garage and worked on his son’s bike.

After flipping through a few sizes, Belleau settled on nine sixteenth.

“It totally works! Yes and this is a little easier to get to than under the patio furniture.”

We also tried it on one of a table chairs from inside his house. But Belleau started to realize the size he needed, the Tiger Wrench didn’t have.

“It’s not fitting and this one here is too big.”

“We need the size in between which would be a 12 millimeter.”

So, we tried it on a riding lawnmower.

“It’s not 11 and it was not the 13. Yup. That’s 12.”

And we also tried it under the hood of a car in case you needed to remove your battery. Some of the bolts needed that 12 millimeter again.

“The 48 in one really needs to be 49 and one. We need to have a 12-millimeter size.”

Tiger Wrench, you failed the Does It Work test.

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