Teacher says hotel kicked her family out for getting ready too early

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- While Joy Heath has work done on her northeast Memphis home, she's relocating along with parents and two young children.

“We had to go to the hotel because we were having renovations done in the house and we needed somewhere to go rather than stay here where we can’t walk,” she said.

They checked in to the Candlewood Suites on Whitten Road last Tuesday, she said. Heath is a Bartlett school teacher, so she leaves pretty early.

“I work at a 7 a.m. school. We leave the house about 6:05 and I get up at 4:30 to do that. I have to take the kids to daycare before we get there,” she said.

But on their second day at the hotel, something strange happened. As soon as she and her father left for work, the front desk called the room. She said her mom answered.

“They said there was too much noise in the mornings. Footsteps is what they complained of. My mom said the person who complained was actually the owner in the suite below us," Heath said.

She said her mom her went down to the front desk to try to smooth things over. That didn't go well.

“He copped an attitude and said, 'You guys are out of here.' They put us out. [My mom] had to pack everything and take it all down. He called sheriff’s officers to come escort her off the premises,” she said. "She has a foot injury. She’s actually having surgery at end of the month. She’s limping and in a cast. I don’t know why the front desk worker didn’t offer to help. She said he kept calling the room phone while she was packing to harass her on the phone."

After they got kicked out of the hotel they went to another one that she said cost double the price of Candlewood Suites. She said it was still another few days until they could come home.

“It was really rude. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, corporate, did all I could do from my end," she said.

WREG went to the Candlewood Suites to get their side of the story. The employee at the front desk contacted a manager who said they did not want to do an interview and asked us to leave the property.

Heath is finally home with her kids, enjoying fall break.

She said now all she wants is an apology from the management.

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