Local hairstylist goes viral by making ‘wigs for kids’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis hairstylist is using her skills to turn frowns upside down.

These kids all have one thing in common. Their parent's took them to see Brianna Davidson.

"This is bigger than just doing hair," Davidson said.

Davidson, or Bristylz as she's known, started her 'Rich Kids Collection' after making a custom wig for a little girl with alopecia who was being bullied to the point that she had to be pulled out of school.

"I never thought to make wigs for kids, but I tried," Davidson said.

From there it become her ministry.

"I put one on her and it came out good. I wasn't expecting the outcome to be so perfect," she said.

The wig turned out so well that the little girl is back in school and hasn't been teased since. Next, Davidson got the chance to design a wig for an 8-year-old who couldn't seem to grow hair in some spots after being in a horrible crash.

"I made the video that pretty much went viral. And after that, moms of little girls started reaching out to me."

Because of that video Davidson's 'Rich Kids Collection' is no longer a secret. Neither are the skills she uses to boost the self-esteem of kids.

"Now I am knows as being the girl who makes wigs for kids."

Davidson made another wig for a little girl battling cancer at St. Jude, and another one for a little girl who traveled from Atlanta just for the Bristylez experience.

Bristylz is about more than just a trip to the salon. It's about making sure kids leave her chair with the confidence they deserve.

She says the best part of it all is watching the girls go from camera shy and avoiding mirrors to divas who can't stop grinning and posing for pictures.

Davidson has been designing the wigs at her studio for one year now, and she says the outpouring of support she's received in that time has been unbelievable.

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