Live at 9: City Council, breast cancer awareness & travel plans

City Council preview

There is a lot on the agenda for City Council ahead of the meeting Tuesday evening, but one hot topic that will be up for discussion is the proposal by lawmakers regarding officer involved shootings.

Patrice Robinson serves on the Memphis City Council.

Signs of child abuse

Did you know that at least three million children are subjects of child abuse cases each year?  The Children’s Advocacy Centers of Tennessee says that equals to a child being abused or neglected every 47 seconds.

Virginia Stallworth and Erika Rowell with the Memphis Child Advocacy Center are here to explain to us how to pick up on signs of child abuse.

Breast cancer and men

It is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we typically associate that with women. However men are also at risk for the disease even though men are less likely to be diagnosed with it than women.

Robin Holmes is a local advocate for male metastatic breast cancer awareness.

Planning your Christmas and spring break trips

As we head towards the end of the year, you are probably starting to think about your Christmas vacation. But now is also the time to start thinking about your spring break plans as well.

Jennifer Dalsky with Travel Leaders joins us with some tips you need to know before you start planning.

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