Mom says apartment ceiling fell on baby

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis mother is angry after she says parts of her ceiling fell on her newborn baby as he was lying in a car seat in her Whitehaven apartment.

Saturday, she posted the aftermath online and it's been shared over 6,000 times.

It happened at the South Pointe Townhomes on Shelby Drive.

The child was taken to a hospital and, after several tests were run, appears to be OK.

But his parents say they have made complaints to the leasing office several times, and are upset it even got to this point.

"He could've died," Brandi Kelley said of her son. "I don't know all of the what-ifs. I don't really care about the what-ifs. I just know that did happen and it's not right."

Kelley says she was upstairs when she heard her husband yell for her just after he heard something that sounded like crumbling.

"I could barely hear him crying it was so built up on top of him," said the baby's father, father Colby Burton.

As he made sure baby Creed was okay, Kelley went straight to the leasing office.

"We need to move asap!" she said in the video posted online.

She says her family had been complaining about the leaks in her apartment since around the time they moved in a few months ago.

They even have garbage cans filled with water and are worried about the safety of their other three children, especially as they look at the several other spots on their ceiling.

"This white stuff just falls randomly," she said.

Shortly after the video was shared on social media, the family says maintenance came in to add a temporary fix. But they're upset it took this to happen for something to be done.

They say they hope to be moved out of this apartment very soon.

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