Live at 9: Chris Beat Cancer, Find My Food Truck app & Brown and Gray

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‘Chris Beat Cancer’

Can you heal cancer and other devastating diseases with nutrition? There’s tons of research that indicates you can and Chris Wark agrees.

Fifteen years ago, this Memphian was diagnosed with stageĀ 3 colon cancer and he opted out of chemotherapy and cured his disease with food. He then started his Chris Beat Cancer movement and attracted millions of followers. His new book by the same title is racing up the charts at

Find My Food Truck app

Food trucks first appeared on the scene in 2008 and there's no indication their popularity is slowing down. But one challenge has always been knowing where your favorite food truck is at any particular moment.

Memphian Sarah Stramel has solved that problem by developing the Find My Food Truck app.

Music with Brown and Gray

Eight million streams. Two million YouTube plays and 30,000 downloads. That's the music of country pop duo Brown and Gray by the numbers.

They've just released their new album, Salt In Your Coffee.

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