Evicted tenants leave behind major mess in yard

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Grahamwood-area man is fed up, tired of looking at his neighbor's yard filled with trash after people living in the home were evicted.

He says nothing was done to try and pick up the leftover belongings until WREG got involved.

Children's toys, soggy shoes and pillows are just a few items in the junkyard in front of this home off Isabelle.

It's what Alexander Williams has been forced to look at for the last week or so.

He says the people living at the home were evicted, their things were put outside. The former tenants had a yard sale and after the sale, left their belongings behind.

"It's extremely frustrating. You kinda just wish people would do the right thing the first time without having to be asked," Williams said.

Williams said he tried getting hold of the person in charge of the property, but no luck. So he reached out to us, but says he never called the city, thinking he would have to wait 30 days for the trash to get picked up.

We reached out to the city who told us the mess was a violation of city ordinance. They came out to pick up what they could off the curb on Thursday.

"I'm glad that the city took care of it as fast as they did once WREG reached out to them," he said.

The city also told us the property owners told them they would pick up the debris that day. We came back Friday and still saw the disaster.

So we called the company, Mid-South Home Rentals, and asked what was going on with the pickup.

The director of operations assured us the pick up would happen Friday afternoon and apologized, saying they hate that it happened for neighbors. He also said they typically pick up left over belongings faster but the weather made it difficult.

By Friday afternoon, the director of operations told us the trash had been picked up and the problem resolved. They also said by law, they must wait 48 hours for the evicted tenant to collect their belongings.

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