Q & A with Hardaway as the Tigers tip off the start of practice

MEMPHIS -- Tigers coach Penny Hardaway met with the media Tuesday ahead of the U of M's first practice of the season and the former Tiger All-American, while excited, knows time is short with the season, right around the corner.  "We don't have time to play around.  We have lofty expectations.  We want to go out there and grind and see where it goes but we're happy today is here," said Hardaway.

Penny also tackled the question of can he coach in college, saying "What does coaching consist of?  Is it different from something I've been doing?  I don't know.  You don't forget what to do.  For the most part, coaching is understanding who you have on your team, understanding yourself, understanding situation.  I don't think it's much more than that."

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