Pass it On: Miss Sissy receives help

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — She's a 20-year-old cancer survivor and her husband is trying to beat cancer as well. But this story isn't about sickness.

That's right, it's about healing.

Kenneth and Doris Murphy are long-time Memphis residents. As a matter of fact, Doris, know to most as Miss Sissy, has spent most of her life in a north Memphis neighborhood.

What makes her so special? Meet our play maker, Vickie Loveland.

"Miss Sissy, she feeds the homeless every day, at least three meals a day. She will help you before she will help herself. Miss Sissy is going through a lot of stuff herself. And for once, I would like somebody to help her instead of her helping everybody else." Loveland said.

We've heard enough and reached out for the 'Pass it On' cash.

We're passing on $300 from WREG and an additional $300 from our anonymous donor.

Vickie walked with us to Miss Sissy's home.

They were enjoying the cloud cover and cooler temperatures outside. Vickie got into position.

"You're always helping people and no one ever helps you," Vickie said. She then started counted out the cash.

"I've got chills, thank you. It's hug time now," Miss Sissy said. "All my life I was in construction." Which explains why she can take on the large task of feeding so many people.

Miss Sissy uses her own money and her own kitchen to cook up meals for those needing help. And just as we were leaving, a friend pulled up, delivering a homeless person who needed Miss Sissy's help.

The homeless woman will have a place to sleep, and certainly a warm meal, thanks to Miss Sissy.

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