Memphis woman at heart of Ole Miss controversy responds

OXFORD, Miss. — Two Ole Miss seniors featured in a Facebook post by prominent alumnus and donor Ed Meek are having their say about the man behind the controversial social media post.

It's the deleted Facebook post and pictures at the center of controversy by the man for whom the University of Mississippi's journalism school is named.

Memphian Mahoghany Jordan, a senior, was featured with a guest column in the Daily Mississippian.

"The post reeks of racist ideology as well as misogyny and is not representative of who either of us are," she wrote. "However, somehow for Meek, the blame for the university's enrollment decline and city's decline in property value was easier to associate with two women of color as opposed to the particular demographic that has been at the forefront of the school's most controversial moments by far.

The other student featured in the post is Ki'yona Crawford.

All of this came to light this week after Meek's Facebook post reportedly show a picture of two African-American women on the Oxford Square.

In the post, Meek wrote that he was concerned about what was happening on the square late at night after a football game.

Meek, who graduated from the university in the 1960s, later issued an apology.

"My intent was to point out we have a problem in the Grove and on the Oxford Square," he said. "I am sorry I posted those pictures, but there was no intent to imply a racial issue," Meek said.

Thursday night, Ole Miss students were able to voice their opinions about the post to Chancellor Jeffrey Vitter during a student listening session. Vitter told the students the administration will follow up on the issue.

Both Jordan and Crawford say they have not received an apology or heard from Meek.


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