Woman allegedly kidnapped, nearly robbed over $1,000 debt

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 19 year old woman was allegedly kidnapped and nearly robbed over a debt last night.  It happened in Berclair.

Police say the woman was hanging out at Jose Vasquez's house. He claimed she owed him $1,000. Investigators say he pulled a gun, forced her into his girlfriend's car, and drove to a Valero on Jackson Avenue. He wanted her to use the ATM and get his money.

Investigators say the victim went inside and pretended to use the ATM, but actually, somehow managed to call police.

"I think she was smart. I think it was a smart move," Valero customer Carlos Simmons says, "I mean she was looking out for her safety. Her survival instincts kicked in. She didn't know what he was going to do if she didn't get the money."

Police say she stayed in the store and Vasquez eventually took off. Investigators say she led police back to Vasquez's house where he and his girlfriend, Savannah McCarter, were arrested. McCarter was allegedly in the car during the incident assisting Vasquez.

Simmons says that's a dumb way to collect on a debt.

"I'd be pretty upset about a thousand bucks but I don't think I'd go to that extreme though," he says, "If you can't get her to pay you the way she's supposed to then just take her to civil court, small claims court or something. Don't put a gun on her."

McCarter is charged with assisting in a kidnapping and robbery. Police say Vasquez was charged too but he's yet to be booked.

"I mean, it's not worth it because your life is messed up, what, over a thousand bucks," Simmons says.

McCarter is due in court tomorrow. It's unclear as to when Vasquez will make his appearance.

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