12 bullet holes found in home where man in officer-involved shooting was shot

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — We counted 12 bullet holes inside the home in the 1200 block of Gill Avenue.

Some bullets were found at the front door and others were scattered across the walls and even in the kitchen.

Witnesses say Memphis police chased Martavious Banks, 25, inside the home and fired multiple shots at him Monday night while innocent residents ducked for cover and watched in shock.

"They left him laying for, like, 30 minutes," a witness said. "I'm still in shock. They were trying to put me in the car. I was still trying to run."

On Tuesday, Director Mike Rallings announced three of the officers involved in the shooting deactivated or intentionally turned off their body cameras and dash cameras during the pursuit.

We also spoke with District Attorney Amy Weirich. She says she reached out to the TBI and asked them to investigate the shooting after Rallings told her new information about the case.

"Under the law of the state of Tennessee, it's the D.A. that has the power to call in the TBI to investigate any matter," she said.

Weirich says the TBI is already on the ground and whatever they find will make its way to her office.

"It will be evaluated just like every file that's delivered here. And the job of the office is to determine if any state criminal laws have been violated, and we'll make that determination when we get the report."

We reached out to MPD and the city to see if they do comprehensive checks to make sure body cams are being operated according to policy, and to see if they've had communication with officers reviewing expectations for body cams and dash cams.

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