Police: Authorities continue search for car that drove into Mississippi River

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Monday morning authorities will continue the search for a car that reportedly drove into the Mississippi River at Mud Island Sunday evening.

Crews had to suspend the search Sunday as the sun set due to low visibility and a large amount of debris floating in the river.

So far, police haven't said what kind of car they are looking for nor any information on the driver.

Sunday evening citizens just like Bianca Davis,  watched the search from their cars or stood outside in the parking lot.

"I hope they actually got out somewhere and no one is hurt," Davis said.

Boats were filled with Harbor Patrol, and even civilian boaters who just volunteered to help.

While in the search police weren't saying much, just that fire crews were combing through the area where they received a rescue call about a car driving into the river.

"I don't know. I'm not sure if anybody was in there. It's all these things that just run through my mind," a biker said.

People had so many questions, like how the car got into the water, if it was an accident or done purposefully and if anyone was in the car when it went down.

"It's very sad. I have goosebumps. My stomach is upset just about all the what-if's, you know?"

But the confusion of what was going on didn't stop people from hoping for the best and praying for those what-if's.

"God is going to make sure you're okay. Just pray and everything will be okay," Davis said.

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