Dumped tires have neighbors concerned about blight

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Parkway Village man speaks out after his neighborhood is left dealing with the dumping of tires, once again.

We spoke with Louis Bomar months ago after over 100 tires were dumped behind an elementary school down the street from his home.

"If this ain't blight. I'll pay for lying," Bomar said.

He was concerned about the safety of children and beauty in the community.

Now with tires being dumped again just down the road from before, he's had enough.

"What kind of neighborhood is this? Where people don't care about their neighborhood surroundings? My wife and I do," Bomar said.

In the neighborhood, you can find trees toppling over the roads. You can also find trash on the walkways.

Bomar actually picks up trash himself, hoping everyone else will follow.

With his own equipment and his own two hands, he picks up every piece of garbage he sees and even cleans out the storm drains.

He says he's concerned about one of the biggest safety hazards there -- the tires.

He's afraid they'll stack up just like they did last year and become a danger to children in the neighborhood.

Bomar hasn't called the city just yet but will be keeping an eye on the blight.