Sherra Wright’s letter to newspaper: ‘It’s like a terrible dream’

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Sherra Wright is speaking out as she sits in jail for the murder of Lorenzen Wright, and what she's saying in a letter sent to the Los Angeles Times is revealing.

According to the Times, Sherra wrote them a brief letter saying, "Ours is a Love Story, not this horror film that has been erected by the Media."

The Times says the letter was delivered by her oldest daughter Loren.

According to the Times article, Sherra wrote, "it's all like a terrible dream, all of it. From his murder to my arrest, unreal. But I have grown as a woman of God that is putting my hope in the Lord ... I believe with the help of the nation I will make bond."

Sherra's attorneys have told us she will not be speaking to the media.

"She is depressed," attorney Juni Ganguli said. "She is sad about this entire proceeding. So she is sad."

But she may have another plan. According to the Times' letter she writes, "I can't wait until the day that I sit down for a 'real' documentary or movie with the TRUTH in it."

It goes on with a plea for supporters to write Sherra in jail, raise bail money and buy the sequel to her book "Mr. Tell Me Anything," which is about a cheating basketball player husband and his fed-up wife.

She writes, "stay tuned for my upcoming book during the Christmas holiday. Be blessed."

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