Women accused of attacking mother, daughter with bats at apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A school fight turned into a violent attack.

Keosha Miller pulled up to the Cleaborne apartment complex in South Memphis to see her teenage daughter under attack. That's when, police say, Jamesha and Patranice Todd jumped on the mother and daughter while beating them with bats.

We talked to Miller's neighbor about the fight. She didn't want to show her face, but says the mother did want anyone else would have done - tried to protect her daughter.

"Her mom is a good mom. I have been knowing her mom for so long,"  she said.

Police say that didn't stop the ladies from following Miller and her daughter home. Once they got there, the attack continued.

This time, police say Jamesha used a crow bar to break all the mirrors and windows on Miller's Impala.

"When I looked out the window they were busted out. She had bags on both windows," a neighbor said.

She says whenever Miller's daughter is around, she watches out for her.

"When I'm outside I say, 'Are you okay?" the neighbor said.

Police say Patranice goes to school with Miller's daughter at Booker T. Washington High.

Jamesha is 20-years-old and doesn't attend the school. Both suspects are facing aggravated assault and vandalism charges.

The victims were not seriously injured in the attack.

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