Video shows convertible doing stunts, narrowly avoiding children on Memphis street

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Several children were almost hit by a spinning convertible captured on video doing stunts on a residential Parkway Village street before losing control.

In the video, which was shot Tuesday, you can see a thick haze of smoke enveloping Bucksport Lane as an engine roars.

Then, a silver Corvette convertible emerges and accelerates, causing the car to spin into a nearby yard.

“How fast he was driving, I knew he was gonna lose control or something bad was gonna happen,” said Kayla Fleming, who stepped outside her home to investigate after hearing screeching tires.

As the car spins, it narrowly avoided numerous children standing on the street corner. In the video, you can see a young girl running away terrified as the car speeds off.

“She was okay. She didn’t get hit or nothing, but she almost did,” said Fleming, who added that the girl looked to be about eight or 10.

“This is ridiculous. Sad, pitiful,” said a woman who lives nearby.

Neighbors were irate when WREG showed them the video, but they said that these close encounters happen too frequently on their street.

“They’ll go down there, turn around and come right here and do, like, a doughnut in the middle of the street,” said another woman.

No one WREG spoke with recognized the car in the video or the driver, but they have a warning for him nonetheless.

“Y’all need to calm down all these kids. Stop driving crazy, drive normal because anything could happen. You could have hit the house, you could have fell out the car, anything. You could have hit the child, anything could have happened,” said Tecoria Pender.

WREG asked Memphis police if they were looking at the video, but after asking WREG where the video was shot, police didn’t give any indication if they would be investigating.

Early Friday morning, an MPD spokesperson said officers with the Mt. Moriah precinct would be investigating.

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