Neighbor allegedly opens fire on family’s home because he says the kids knocked on his door

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South man was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly opening fire on a home due to a believed problem with some neighborhood kids. The home is on Quinby Drive in Frayser.

Jamisa London says her neighbor, Richard Brackey, walked into the street with a handgun and fired a shot at her home. She says he was angry and claiming a group of kids had been knocking on his door. One of them was her six year old nephew. Another was her nine year old niece.

No one was hurt.

"Definitely somebody could have been killed," London says, "Nobody was down there. The kids were in the yard right here where we could see and it's almost nine o'clock at night."

Brackey's wife tells a different story. She wasn't able to talk to us on camera but claims the kids were trying to break into her husband's car.

London denies the accusation and says Brackey has pulled a gun on her family before, but didn't shoot. She thinks he was mad because her niece and nephews were playing outside and making too much noise.

"My kids have not did anything to want to harm him," she says.

Police say Brackey admitted to having a problem with his neighbors but told investigators he's never fired any shots. He's charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

"I'm just so glad that, you know, this time the law prevailed," London says.

It's unclear when Brackey is due in court.

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