Whitehaven residents want dumping site in their neighborhood gone

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Whitehaven residents say they want the dump behind their homes cleaned up.

Driving up, it's impossible to miss the tunnel of filth.

"This is ridiculous, just being honest," resident Bryce Carey said.

The mess starts at a corner where tires and furniture were ditched, but it doesn't stop there.

"There's everything like, cups, bottles and cans," Carey said.

The grass in lined with every type of fast-food container imaginable.

Donut boxes, diapers and shopping carts were left deserted in the weeds.

"They just come by and drop stuff off," a resident said.

Those living next door to the dumping site say they are tired of walking past the problem. And if the city will step in, they'll help out too.

"It takes a community to come out here and get this cleaned up."

WREG reached out to the city. They told us they can't show up if they don't know their is a problem. People in the area must report what they see.

But the city says now that they know, they'll look into it.

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