Olive Branch family homeless after house shot, set on fire

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OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. — Two shootings and a fire have a family's peace disturbed, and now they're left with nothing, not even able to send their two youngest children to school Tuesday.

"They gassed the whole house," Krystal Taylor said. "Remind you, they shot the house up Saturday. Came back and bombed the house last night. These are the results."

Taylor said she her kids and her mother planned to come home Monday night before 11, but since it was the holiday, they didn't. They just missed what could've had them trapped inside of a house fire by 30 minutes.

"Where they started the fire at, they would've hit my 7-year-old first."

She says her apartment was shot up months ago. Fast forward to Saturday, when her mother's home and car were plastered with bullet holes.

Now, two days later, they're homeless.

Taylor says she knows who is doing this. She says they're teenagers who may have something against her younger brother and son, but says nearly killing her mother and kids is going too far.

"Street kids, wanna-be gang members," she said. "Everybody is going to come with some consequences behind this and that's real talk. Because these are my kids' life y'all playing with, on top of my momma."

The family says neighbors have video of the suspects approaching their home and they hope the video will lead to arrests so they can live comfortably. In the meantime, they'll need some help to rebuild.

"They don't own a house, this is not their house, if they are the issue. You just jeopardized not only one of my kids, but all of them. You jeopardized all of them and I have a problem with that."

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