Quick-thinking teen saves 8-year-old sister as man stabs her, police say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Memphis man was charged with aggravated child abuse after allegedly stabbing an 8-year-old multiple times in front of her sister.

The little girl's older sister told police they were sitting in another sister's bedroom writing when Ray Jones entered holding a knife. He immediately attacked the little girl, stabbing her multiple times.

Acting quickly, the victim's 13-year-old sister jumped on the man's back and started screaming. The noise alerted the mother who ran to her children, saw what was happening and called 911.

Authorities said Jones was the mother's live-in boyfriend. A motive for the stabbing was not given.

As for the child, she was stabbed three times in the left arm, shoulder and shoulder blade area. She is expected to be okay.

WREG did some digging and found the couple has a history of domestic violence.

"It's heartbreaking to hear something like this," Olliete Murray Drobot, executive director at The Family Safety Center, said. "Who knows why he went after her."

Drobot says it's not hard for children to get tangled into domestic issues.

"Who know how many times they witnessed it or got caught in the middle of it..

She says this just may be the first time things escalated to that point and worries about the scars that won't heal quickly.

"That's going to leave lasting scars. Not only the physical, but the emotional and psychological scars."

Not many people can see the little girl right now because everything is under investigation.

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